Questionnaires for those taking part in the research trial

If programmes like this one prove to be helpful for people it opens up not only the opportunity for individuals to benefit, but also the opportunity for churches to serve their communities in a way which will help alleviate the burden of weight related diseases on national health service (NHS) resources.

It is for these reasons that this programme is part of research being conducted at Coventry University.

This means there are several questionnaires for programme facilitators and participants to complete. Each of these questionnaires will be sent to your personal email so that you can complete them privately. It is very important that you complete each of these questionnaires as they provide the valuable data to determine how well the programme works.

Completing the questionnaires will take up some of your time, as a thank you for doing this we have provided the programme materials to you free of charge. After we have adequately trialled the programme, and can be assured of its beneficial effects, we will make it available for purchase in order to cover the costs of its production. Please note that the use of these materials for any purpose outside of this research is not allowed.

The Starting Survey for participants

This needs to be completed before your programme can begin. It contains demographic questions about yourself, like your age, your background and your education.

We will ask you how tall you are and how much you weigh; we will ask how much fruit and how many vegetables you eat each day and about your eating habits, such as, whether you eat when you are hungry or sad or stressed?

We will also ask you about your feelings, your spiritual or religious beliefs, and some questions about your physical activity.

Finally we will you some questions about your expectations of the programme.

Questions for participants to complete during the programme

At about the middle of the programme we will email you a link to a few questions to check how you are getting on.

Questionnaires for participants to complete after the programme ends (or if your church has been randomised to wait, this second questionnaire will also need completing at the end of the waiting time)

When you have finished the programme (whether you start it straight away or have to wait), you will be sent another link via email and asked to complete the end of programme questionnaire, this questionnaire will be similar to the one you filled in before the programme started. When you have completed this questionnaire we will send you a certificate, evidencing that you have completed the Taste & See programme.

As well as knowing how things changed during the programme we want to know the long lasting impact of the programme. Therefore we will send you link to two more of these questionnaires, one will be six months after the end of the programme and the last one will be 2 years after the end of the programme. As a thank you for completing all these questionnaires you will then receive a free VIP invitation to Coventry University for a celebration event about the progress and future of the project.

Questionnaires for facilitators

So that we can improve the ease of running this programme in the future we also ask facilitators to complete  a questionnaire before, during and after running the programme to get an ideal of how things have worked.