“I want to run the research trial programme in January – what do I do?”

  • Decide on 2 dates – your preferred start date in January and another date at least 10 weeks later e.g. in April.
  • Advertise the course as starting either on the first or second date and prepare people to do either date (two thirds of churches will get their first date).
  • Enter emails of those interested HERE
  • Those interested are then emailed to complete their registration questionnaire
  • Once these are complete facilitators will be told whether their church can start in September or January.

“I am thinking about being a facilitator but I want to take part in the programme as a participant as well – can I be both?”

Yes you can. It is possible to organise and coordinate the programme as well join in discussions on a personal level. However you need to be willing to prioritise the voice of others above your own.  If you decide to be a participant as well as a facilitator you will receive your own participant manual to work through.

“What can I do to get the research trial programme running as soon as possible?”

  • Choose your first potential date 5 working days from the time you register your church and your second potential start date  10 weeks after that date.
  • Send an email to ab5042@coventry.ac.uk to say you have registered.
  • Get everyone to complete their starting questionnaires on the day they receive it by email.

“Can I just buy the programme instead of taking part in the free research trial?”

Yes, you can. If you would like to buy this programme you may now do so on our secure site by CLICKING HERE. However, please bear in mind that this programme is still being tested and is in development; so is not yet a final polished product. We will use any surplus funds from selling the programme to develop it further.

“I am not Christian, can I still attend a programme?”

Yes, there is no requirement that you are Christian but please note that the programme does discuss issues from a Christian perspective. You are, of course, free to apply or not apply the religious content to yourself as you wish.  We have found those with different religious beliefs and no religious beliefs have found the programme helpful.