How to join a Taste & See programme

To join a Taste & See programme you can either:

Contact a church near you and see if they are running Taste & See


Set up your own programme; all you need to do is buy a programme pack, press play and get everyone chatting!


To join a Taste & See programme that is running as part of the research trial you need to contact a local participating church. You will need to give your email address to the Taste & See facilitator at the local church, who will then sign you up to their programme.

We will then send you a link with all the information you need to know in order to participate. The link will take you to some questions to check you are eligible to take part, then you will need to read all the participant information, and agree to the statements of consent if you want to continue.

Once you have provided us with your consent in this way there is a survey to complete.