Programme content

The Taste & See programme is about:

  • Rediscovering our natural drive to eat and listening to our subtle signals that tell us we are full.
  • Identifying the influences on a personal level that lead us to override these signals.
  • Discovering ways to effectively manage these influences and find a new freedom in eating.
  • Creating an opportunity to consider how God can help because he made us, he loves us unconditionally—just the way we are, he wants us to live free from guilt and fear, he wants the best for us.

     Taste & See encourages:

  • Guilt-free enjoyment of food
  • Avoidance of unhelpful dietary restrictions
  • Responding to your body’s natural appetite control
  • Acceptance of who you are
  • A compassionate and caring environment
  • Healthy, balanced food choices

     Taste & See is not about:

  • Telling people what to do
  • Being the ‘food-police’
  • Following the latest food fad
  • Judging others by their size or eating habits
  • Apportioning blame
  • Losing weight at all costs

The programme itself