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Professor Deborah Lycett PhD, RD is Professor in Religious Health Interventions and Dietetic Practice at Coventry University. Her research currently explores whole person approaches to obesity and other nutrition related conditions which include physical, psychological and spiritual aspects of care. She is particularly interested in investigating the role of holistic, church-based interventions, to help those with long-term conditions in the community. Deborah has over 20 years’ clinical experience as a dietitian having worked for many years in the NHS and also privately, running her own Nutrition and Dietetic Consultancy. She is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, and teaches in medical and health science faculties.


Rebekah Hodson graduated from Oxford university with a degree in Zoology then gained her MSc in Educational Leadership and Management which focused on the skills involved in effective mentoring. Since then she has worked in secondary schools in England and Scotland where she teaches Biology and works with staff developing teaching skills. As an active church member she has been involved in leading worship as well as leading many kinds of small groups. She is passionate about the transforming power of Jesus.



Elaine Davis BSc is author of the bible meditations, Elaine started out gaining a degree in computing, she then trained as a teacher and taught mathematics for 3 years. She set up and ran a debt counselling charity and has always been interested helping people to reach their potential. She has been in a leadership role within the church and is passionate about helping people connect with God, especially during times of difficulty.



Nicky Walker BSc RD has been a registered dietitian since 1997, Nicky Walker currently works part-time as a senior lecturer at Coventry University where she enjoys supporting student dietitians through their training. Prior to this, Nicky worked in the NHS in a range of settings supporting clients to optimise their nutritional well-being. Nicky has a passion to help others find ways to resolve their nutrition or food related challenges. Outside of work, Nicky co-ordinates the children’s work at her church.


 For their valuable contributions, we would  like to thank:

  • Luke Harrison, from Imagovideo for his work filming and editing the DVDs.
  • Steve Thompson,  Andy Browning, Sue Cockeram, Dawn Goodall, Kathryn Love, for sharing their stories and insights from their professional and personal lives.
  • Norman Gray, retired church minister, for his advice on theological matters.
  • Riya Patel, for all her hard work as a doctoral research assistant collecting data, measuring outcomes and analysing results during the first run of this programme.
  • Ryan Evans and Joanna Zolnierz for their work as research interns setting up the research database.
  • St Peter’s Baptist Church Worcester, for running the first programme and providing a venue for development of the second.
  • 4front Theatre company


We gratefully acknowledge the pump-prime funding made available by Coventry University to enable this research to take place.  Coventry University hold the copyright of the Taste & See programme but the content it contains is the opinion of the authors and should not be taken as an endorsement by Coventry University.