How to run Taste & See

The step-by-step guide for facilitators who buy Taste & See

  1. Read about Taste & See on this website.
  2. Discuss running the programme with your church leader.
  3. Purchase the programme on our secure site by CLICKING HERE.
  4. Decide on a weekly time to run the course.
  5. Advertise the programme in your church and local community. You can print off the poster or flyer and insert your details.  There is a brand new advert,   1 minute advert, or  5 minute trailer to playin church which will give people more of a feel for the course.
  6. Encourage all those on the programme to sign up to tell us a bit about themselves and how they get on with the programme. Links to this are provided in the programme workbooks.

Instructions for facilitators

Each Taste & See programme needs a named facilitator to run it. The facilitator has 2 key roles, these are to: