Making sure the programme runs smoothly and correctly

This involves making sure you have the helpers you need, the materials you need, and  are prepared each week, for the session ahead.

Helpers needed:

We suggest you need at least one other person, from your church, helping you to run this course. If there are a large number of people on the course you may need more helpers so that you can spilt into smaller groups of 4 or 5 for discussion, with each one facilitated by a helper.

Materials needed if running the course face to face:

  • Two Facilitator’s manuals, one for you and one for your helper (these are in your pack). These manuals contain the details of how to facilitate the running of the programme week by week.
  • The Taste & See DVD (this is in your pack).
  • A Participant’s manual for each participant you are expecting, plus your own copy (these are in your pack).
  • A booklet of daily readings for each participant (we will provide these).
  • A DVD player and display screen.
  • A room with enough seats to for everyone to watch the DVD (chairs are ideal as they can be moved into small groups for discussion).
  • You may like to have a drink available to serve at the end of the session. Perhaps coffee and tea ready in flasks to serve or have someone make it ready made for you a the end or perhaps have jugs of water available. We suggest you don’t serve snacks as some people may find this unhelpful and it is likely to create unnecessary discussion which will detract from the intended discussions of the evening.

Running the course online:

You can substitute your face-to-face group meeting for a live virtual one, using a variety of software e.g. ZoomMicrosoft TeamsGoogle HangoutsSkype.

Facilitators can contact us and request an online version of the DVD sessions which can be watched together live with a small group via  ‘sharescreen’ function of virtual meeting software.

Facilitators may choose to post workbooks out to participants or they may contact us to request pdf versions of the workbooks.

We are also now have a new digital version of Taste & See. The progamme can be accessed in its entirety on an interactive online platform. Churches may purchase a license for small groups to run the course in this way. Please contact us if you are interested in this version.