What the sessions contain

The Taste & See course contains 10 sessions each with a specific aim:

Session 1: What I my relationship with food

To develop an awareness of self, of eating habits and of a God who cares about this.

Session 2: What dietary rules do I have?

To introduce intuitive eating versus dietary restriction.

Session 3: Am I really hungry?

To identify hunger and fullness.

Session 4: Enjoying food again:

To feel free to enjoy food.

Session 5: Why else do we eat?

To understand impulsive responses to feel happier, to feel less bored, to reduce stress.

Session 6: Hoping and Coping

To identify ways to tackle stress, low mood and boredom.

Session 7: Leaving the past behind

To identify past hurts or habits that still influence our relationship with food today, to find healing in forgiveness.

Session 8: I am loved and I are lovely

To understand the truth of who you are.

Session 9: Moving forward

To consolidate new attitudes and behaviours, to identify specific aspects of healthy living to work on.

Session 10: Pressing on

To equip participants to be able to continue the Taste & See principles without weekly support.