Taking part in the research trial programme

Taste & see is a new programme and a new concept which needs to be proven beneficial, through robust research, before we can safely recommend it to lots of people.

If we can prove that it works then we can demonstrate to others the role the church has in helping those who struggle with a poor relationship with food.

Only by proving this through good clinical research can such programmes be taken seriously by those outside of the church and those who develop public health policy. Doing this provides a unique opportunity for churches to serve their communities in a way which will help alleviate the enormous burden of weight related diseases on national health service (NHS) resources.

To give this research the best chance of success Taste & See  Facilitator’s should make sure that potential participants are fully aware of the research nature of the programme:

  • That churches will be randomly allocated, allocated by chance, like flipping a coin, but with two thirds of churches starting the programme straight after registering and one third of churches needing to wait ten weeks before the programme can start. This is to make sure we have a control group where the data of those doing the programme can be compared to those not yet doing the programme. It is important to prepare participants that they may have to wait, so that they are not disappointed and drop out.
  • Ensure that each participant has completed the online survey as soon as you have registered your church. Without doing this you cannot find out when you are due to start your programme or receive the programme materials.
  • Remind participants to complete their questionnaires during and after the programme ends.

As part of the research we would also like you to find out how you get on facilitating the programme, this will involve completing a short survey before, half-way though and after the programme, when you register to become a facilitator you will be given further details about these facilitator questionnaires .