Statements of consent in the research trial programme

These are the statements you will be invited to consent to if you want to take part in the Taste & See research trial programme. To do this you will be sent a link to complete after local facilitator has given us your email address.

  • I have read and understand the information about taking part.
  • I understand that I am allowed to withdraw at any point from the study without giving any reason.
  • I know that if I choose to withdraw from the programme or follow-up, I will need to contact the researchers using the details on this website if I want my data removed. This is only possible if the data has not been integrated with other data for analysis.
  • I understand I will be fully protected by the Data Protection Act of 1998 and Coventry University policy.
  • I understand that my data will be kept confidential and anonymous until they are securely destroyed.
  • I understand that the research team will have access to my contact details but these will be kept confidential.
  • I understand that any reports or publications from this research will not be able to identify me in any way.
  • I agree to participate.